Dropshipping and brand creation : develop your activity in ecommerce distance selling

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping (or drop-shipping – direct selling) is an activity specialised in the sale of products online (distance selling and ecommerce).

Dropshipping links three stakeholders:

The commercial website owner, online trader or dropshipper does not hold any stock.

They essentially deal with putting products online in their online shop and they coordinate the marketing via campaigns on social media (Snapchat, Tik Tok, Facebook), search engines via SEO and paid search (Google Ads for example) and influencers.

Dropshippers also manage operational tasks, including, in particular, sourcing, billing, as well as customer service.

The logistical part (stock acquisition, packaging, shipping etc…) on the other hand, is carried out by the supplier or online trader.

How does dropshipping work?

schema dropshipping


The buyer places an online order with the seller.


The dropshipper places the order with the supplier.


The supplier processes the order and ships it directly to the buyer.

What ASD Group can do for you

ASD Group is a company which supports you in achieving compliance for your ecommerce and dropshipping business as well as brand creation. Thanks to our international, multidisciplinary network of partners, we can help you with the development of your online sales platform:

An assessment of your business plan

An in-depth assessment of your business plan will definitely help you to grow your international activity.

Using the ASD Group network to assess your business plan will give you a complete and detailed analysis of your project.

Creation of your company

ASD Group handles all dealings with the local authorities and manages the administrative side of setting up your company for you.

Sourcing, choice of suppliers and logistics

We can put you in touch with our network of partner suppliers. ASD Group guarantees their reliability and the quality of their services: high-quality packaging, customised packaging, shipping.

Creating a brand

Partners of the ASD Group include graphic designers and specialist marketing consultants who can advise you and guide you through the different stages of designing your brand (logo, videos, thumbnails and photos).

Account keeping

Account keeping is often time-consuming and requires a significant number of resources. Outsource the accounting management of your company to our expert partners and you will have more time to spend on growing your business.

With extensive international experience and many qualified partners, ASD Group will offer support that is personalised to your ecommerce project.

Thanks to its team of experts and international presence, ASD Group will simplify the necessary administrative procedures for your ecommerce project :

This will allow you to fully concentrate on your business, breaking into new markets and optimising your productivity.

Throughout the entire process, ASD Group will centralise all the information and will be your single point of contact.

Example :

ASD Group was contacted by a business owner based in Europe who wanted to sell ‘YOGA’ products on their ecommerce site.

Thanks to its network of partners and strong international presence in places like Asia, for example, ASD Group was able to find him a reliable supplier able to manage shipments of products certified with a CE marking.

This supplier ensured the shipment of marketed and certified products.

In order to optimise work time and increase productivity, our client tasked us with the workflow management of tasks such as:

To date, his turnover has exceeded three million euros. Today, the website has been translated into more than ten languages.

ASD Group continues to support him in opening further online shops.

Choosing ASD Group means choosing security

ASD Group is a company which specialises in international taxation.

With the entry into force of the VAT reform for ecommerce and distance selling, dropshippers are faced with new standards and obligations within the European Union.

In effect, from the 1st July 2021, their activity will be subject to Valued Added Tax, under a specific scheme called the ecommerce VAT package.

All imports to the European Union, of any sort, must be subject to a customs declaration. This particularly impacts online traders.

ASD Group, based on its experience, can support you in analysing your business activities and can suggest solutions to put in place in order to ensure your workflows are compliant with the new VAT reform.

Why use ASD Group: the advantages

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