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Anti-fraud VAT software : changing the mechanism for B-to-B companies

Since the arrival of the new President, Mr. Macron, who took the office on January 1, 2018, the government has been working, among other things, on redesigning the tax legislation.


According to the article 88 of the law n° 2015-1785 of December 29th, 2015 of finances for 2016, the anti-fraud law imposes the use of a software answering 4 criteria:

  • Inalterability
  • Security
  • Preservation
  • Archiving

As a reminder, the usage of a cash register software (compulsory from January 2018) aims to make impossible the fraud of cash register receipts which consists of deducting cash payments from accounting revenue.


Natural or legal persons, of private or public law, subjects to VAT who carry out all or part of transactions exempt from VAT, as well as companies placed under the basic franchise.


Screening officers will be responsible for ensuring the application of the mechanism. They will carry out unannounced checks and will request the presentation of an individual certificate or a certificate for each software used.

In addition, sanctions will be applied in case of a no-show (a fine of 7500 euros per software with a 60 day adjustment period).

Attention, presentation of a false certificate is classified as a criminal offense with a fine of 45 000 € and 3 years of imprisonment.

The VAT Anti-Fraud law consists of having an explicit and dated track of each transaction of recorded payment which cannot be modified or deleted. Annual and monthly closures will also be put in place for cash register systems.


Following the protests of self employed people, the Ministry of Economy and Finance has had to back down.

Finally, micro-enterprises are no longer concerned by the mechanism (and more generally the taxable companies placed under the VAT exemption scheme).

Similarly, companies that only do B to B operations are no longer concerned by the mechanism.

The government is putting in place a new lightened system, at least for now …

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