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Veterinary, Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) border controls: ASD Group assists you with SIVEP inspections of your imports from the United Kingdom

BREXIT: A new border, new SPS controls

With the United Kingdom’s departure from the European Union on 1 January 2021 due to Brexit, Calais becomes an entry point into the EU.

Veterinary, sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) border controls must now be carried out on all goods of animal or plant origin before they can circulate within the EU.

These controls must be performed on the SIVEP (Veterinary and Phytosanitary Border Inspection Office) sites prepared for this purpose at the entry points into the EU.

These controls are independent of any customs procedures.

The veterinary and phytosanitary services must authorise the entry of the goods to the EU before any other procedures can take place.

If goods are rejected by the veterinary and phytosanitary services due to conformity issues, there are two possible scenarios:

Obligation to use TRACES, the EU’s sanitary and phytosanitary certification platform

All import operations must be generated in TRACES and registered before the goods leave the UK.

Only imports registered in TRACES will be authorised to enter the EU, and only if they successfully pass the SPS control performed by SIVEP.

Any imports not registered in TRACES before they leave the UK are liable to be sent back to the UK immediately, before they can be presented for inspection.

Specific information

The control MUST take place at the first point of entry into the EU.
Goods can only be cleared through customs once the CHED has been validated by SIVEP, regardless of where customs clearance takes place.
If the SPS control is not performed at the first point of entry into the EU, clearance through customs becomes impossible. The vehicle must return to its initial point of entry to the EU to undergo control.
The wooden pallets and dunnage used to transport products must bear the ISPM15 mark.Non-compliance with this rule will cause vehicles to be sent back to the UK.

Some SIVEP offices can only deal with specific veterinary or phytosanitary products. Consequently, you will need to make sure you send vehicles to the right place for inspection.

For example, the Calais office does not deal with seafood products so vehicles carrying seafood must be sent to Boulogne-sur-Mer.

What documents need to be supplied to import animals or products subject to veterinary regulations?

The user is responsible for preparing a CHED (Common Health Entry Document) in the TRACES system for every certificate drawn up in the UK. You can also hand over the management and preparation of CHED documents to ASD Group’s experts. The following documents are necessary to import live animals or veterinary and phytosanitary products:
There are two steps to obtaining these documents:
The declarant responsible for the shipment provides notification, via the EU’s TRACES-NT (TRAde Control and Expert System-New Technology) online service, of the import of the animals and products subject to veterinary controls at the border control post (BCP), before they arrive within the EU customs territory. This must be done at least one working day before the estimated arrival of the goods.
Once the controls have been performed, SIVEP validates in the TRACES-NT application the Common Health Entry Document (CHED-A or -P) certifying the conformity of the controls.

Partnership with Irish Ferries

ASD Group announces partnership with Irish Ferries

Booking and purchase of freight tickets for your crossings between Calais and Dover

Thanks to its partnership with Irish Ferries, ASD Group handles the booking and purchase of freight tickets for sea crossings between Calais and Dover. With 20 daily crossings between Calais and Dover, ASD Group and Irish Ferries offer a flexible solution for your trade with the United Kingdom. ASD Group’s freight tickets:
Couldn’t get on the ferry you booked? Your ticket is not lost! This is because the ticket remains valid for another crossing within 10 days of the original travel date. This will grant you a greater flexibility and reduce the stress of delays. To book your freight tickets now, contact our services.

All in one: customs and freight ticket

In addition to booking your freight tickets with Irish Ferries, ASD Group’s experts can centralise all your import and export customs procedures, as well as your SIVEP and TRACES formalities for veterinary, sanitary and phytosanitary products.

No more long queues at customs and boring paperwork!

Our agents and customs clerks will be happy to answer all your question. They will handle the administrative formalities for your veterinary, sanitary and phytosanitary controls (obligations and TRACES follow-up) with the SIVEP in Calais.

Contact ASD Group to plan your next crossings and book your freight tickets in coordination with your customs procedures and controls.

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