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Customs Clearance: How to handle your Customs Operations?

What ASD Group can do for you

ASD Group offers its clients support and guidance on customs clearance and customs operations and acts as a pilot for your customs procedures.
Analysis of flows and procedures

Preparation, verification and filing of the Intrastat

Analysis and control

Detailed monthly analysis and monitoring of all your transaction flows

Handling of your operations from a to z

Input and verification of the conformity of the invoices and customs nomenclature

Customs nomenclature

Research and verification of the customs nomenclature


Assistance during an administrative or customs inspection


Organisation of specific training in processing the Intrastat, ideal for your employees

Definition of customs declaration

The customs declaration is the first phase of the customs clearance formalities during importation and exportation operations.

It is duly completed in accordance with standard legal arrangements of the requirements of the simplified procedure. The form is usually called the SAD (single administrative document).

Analysis, advice and management of customs operations

ASD Group offers its clients complementary services in customs operations, customs clearance and customs declarations.

Customs and taxes are two closely connected sectors in dealing with intra-community and international flows. To respond to the growing demand from our clients in respect of customs operations, ASD Group offers a full service for all your customs operations.

ASD customs port

Analysis and advice

In-depth analysis of flows, origin and regulations can identify sources and optimize customs operations. The control of your flows will reduce your costs and save time:

Management of customs operations

ASD Group assists you in the administrative management of your imports and exports of goods. All customs formalities (customs clearance, customs procedures, etc.) are handled by ASD Group.

Handling of inflows and outflows

We offer guidance on your customs operations. This key resource is the interface between the client, the warehouse, the transporters and the customs authorities.

As your handler, we do not replace the carriers or customs agents; we act as an outsourced customer transport service:


ASD operation douanière port
Operational management of customs formalities (imports and exports)
National Central Customs Clearance (several offices presenting the merchandise)
Preparation of accompanying documents
Assistance for the customs regulation
Secure archiving of the customs file

Partnership with Irish Ferries

ASD Group announces partnership with Irish Ferries

Booking and purchase of freight tickets for your crossings between Calais and Dover

Thanks to its partnership with Irish Ferries, ASD Group handles the booking and purchase of freight tickets for sea crossings between Calais and Dover.

With 20 daily crossings between Calais and Dover, ASD Group and Irish Ferries offer a flexible solution for your trade with the United Kingdom.

ASD Group’s freight tickets:

Couldn’t get on the ferry you booked? Your ticket is not lost!

This is because the ticket remains valid for another crossing within 10 days of the original travel date.

This will grant you a greater flexibility and reduce the stress of delays.

To book your freight tickets now, contact our services.

All in one: customs and freight ticket

In addition to booking your freight tickets with Irish Ferries, ASD Group’s experts can centralise all your import and export customs procedures, as well as your SIVEP and TRACES formalities for veterinary, sanitary and phytosanitary products.

No more long queues at customs and boring paperwork!

Our agents and customs clerks will be happy to answer all your question. They will handle the administrative formalities for your customs clearance procedures between the United Kingdoms and the European Union.

Contact ASD Group to plan your next sailings and book your freight tickets in coordination with your customs procedures and controls.

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