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Real estate tax representative: entrust us with the declaration of your real estate capital gain

Who needs to appoint a tax representative?

Appointing a tax representative is a legal obligation for every person residing outside of the European Union and planning to sell real estate located in France.

Thus, if you reside outside of the EU, you have the obligation to appoint a tax representative in France if you meet one of the following conditions:

In France, you will not be able to record a deed of sale with the French tax administration without appointing a tax representative. In consequence, property transfers cannot proceed without a tax representative.

In some special cases, you can be granted tax allowances and tax exemptions. Under strict conditions, you also can be exempted from the obligation to appoint a tax representative. In order to find out if this applies to you, please contact our experts.

Choosing ASD Group is choosing simplicity



In collaboration with the notary, ASD Group:

Choosing ASD Group is a safe choice

In its quality of tax representative, ASD Group defends your case during tax audits in order to protect you from monetary penalties later on.

Technical information

Tax rates for private persons:

Tax rates for companies:

Why use ASD: the advantages

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