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Lettonie  Augmentation des seuils Intrastat  en 2024

Latvia: Increase in Intrastat thresholds in 2024

In accordance with their desire to comply with Regulation (EU) 2019/2152 of the European Parliament, the Latvian Statistical Office on the basis of paragraph 2...

Danemark : Augmentation des seuils Intrastat en 2024

Denmark: Increase in Intrastat thresholds in 2024

From 2024, the Danish tax authorities have decided to introduce a number of changes to the reporting requirements for intra-Community trade. The new Intrastat 2024...

Hongrie  Augmentation des seuils Intrastat en 2024

Hungary: Increase in Intrastat thresholds in 2024

In order to determine the coverage rate obligation, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (OCSH) annually sets the thresholds for the provision of Intrastat data on...

Portugal : Modification des seuils intrastat à partir de 2024

Portugal: Changes to intrastat thresholds from 2024

With a view to reducing the administrative burden on companies in respect of their intra-Community transactions, the National Institute of Statistics (“Instituto Nacional de Estatística”)...

République de Chypre  Modification des seuils Intrastat à partir de 202

Cyprus: Changes to Intrastat thresholds from 2024

In accordance with the ministerial decree, the Council of Ministers defines the INTRASTAT statistical thresholds each year. With this in mind, a number of changes...

Fermeture de notre établissement ASD Group à Lyon

Closure of our ASD Group site in Lyon

We would like to inform our clients that our establishment ASD France SARL located in Lyon at : 10 Boulevard Marius Vivier Merle 69003 LYON...

Réforme douanière de l'Union européenne de 2028 : nouvelles réalités pour le e-commerce

EU customs reform 2028: new realities for e-commerce

From 2028, marketplaces and e-commerce platforms will assume greater responsibility for the products they distribute within the European Union. Increased responsibility of marketplaces and e-commerce...

Estonie : Augmentation du taux de TVA standard

Estonia: Increase in standard VAT rate

On 12 June 2023, the Estonian Parliament (Riigikogu) passed Bill No. 225 SE, making partial amendments to the VAT Act. The bill includes several...


Our Lille office is moving!

We are delighted to announce that our Lille branch has moved to a new location to better meet your needs. You will now find...

République tchèque : modification des taux de TVA en 2024

Czech Republic: change in VAT rates in 2024

After weeks of debate, the Czech government has proposed a series of measures aimed at achieving budgetary balance and reducing inflation. These measures include changes...

Royaume-Uni : HMRC ferme l'ancien portail de dépôt des déclarations de TVA

United Kingdom: HMRC closes old VAT filing portal

As a reminder, all VAT-identified businesses in the UK, whether established or non-established, are required to file their VAT returns electronically via software compatible with...

ASD Group opens a new branch in Brittany

ASD Group is pleased to announce the opening of its new branch in Rennes, close to Breton companies that trade internationally and carry out import/export...

Espagne : Réduction de la TVA sur les aliments de base

Spain: Reduction of VAT on staple food

In order to combat inflation and to respond to the economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine and to support the reconstruction of...

Espagne : Nouvelle taxe sur les emballages plastiques non réutilisables

Spain: New plastic tax

Spanish lawmakers, adapting local legislation to the European directive, have approved a new tax on non-reusable plastic packaging, which will come into force on 1...

Suisse : Augmentation des taux de TVA

Switzerland: Increase in VAT rates

On 25 September 2022, the Swiss people voted in favour of a reform of the Old Age and Survivors’ Insurance (AVS 21) which will have...

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