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The perfect solution for managing your proofs of transport

Protect up to 20% of your company's turnover with ASD QuickProof

ASD QuickProof is a SaaS-based platform for managing and centralising new proof of transport documents to support VAT-exempt intra-Community deliveries.

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Discover the advantages of ASD QuickProof


Preserve up to 20% of your turnover.


Simplify your procedures by digitizing the process of proof of transport justifying your deliveries.


Track your documents in real time.


Protect yourself in case of administrative control.


Protect yourself in case of administrative control.


You ensure your VAT compliance.

Why ASD QuickProof?

Demonstrate your compliance with the administration’s requirements

As of 1 January 2020, the “Quick Fixes” came into force in all EU Member States – a series of measures to improve the current VAT system in view of a major overhaul planned for 1 July 2022.

This reform includes harmonised but more stringent rules for proving the intra-Community transport of goods.

Thus, the seller must now provide, depending on the case, 2 or 3 items of proof of intra-Community transport for each of his intra-Community deliveries, and only the compliant documents listed exhaustively in the European regulations are valid.

What does ASD QuickProof do?

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Centralized and digital management of all your documents

You can come and load all the documents related to your various intra-Community deliveries and collect them at any time. This saves a lot of time in the event of an inspection.

Collaborative work between all departments involved

With all the parties involved (logistics, accountant, carrier and customer) having access to our platform, the collection and compliance of mandatory documents is simplified. It is also your security that is at stake, because of all the parties involved, only the seller risks the VAT adjustment.

Optimised overview for document tracking

ASD QuickProof is a tool for centralising your proofs of delivery, transport tracking and intra-community operations, which is there to save you time and carry out automatic or manual reminders at your convenience.

Continuous assessment of your tax risk

Your accounting departments will be able to assess the financial risk involved at any time and thus limit the questioning of the VAT exemption due to missing or incomplete evidence.

They will therefore be able to check :

Don’t underestimate the value of your documents! Don’t risk losing 20% of your turnover. ASD QuickProof is the most complete solution to avoid having your VAT exemption challenged.

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What are the features of ASD QuickProof?



SAVE €20.88 - 1st payment at the opening of the service
00 exc. VAT (€8.25 per month)


1st payment at the opening of the service
99 exc. VAT (€119.88 per year)
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