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Company incorporation: set up your structure quickly and easily


If you want to start a business, ASD Group, an international company present in 24 countries all around the world, accompanies you in all your administrative procedures and offers you a complete solution. Each ASD Group’s agency coordinates all the steps with its local network of partners. Company incorporation? Getting a residence visa? Opening a bank account? With its network of partners and its expertise, ASD Group accompanies you throughout your implementation projects.
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Company incorporation




ASD Group, through its Network of partners, offers you a complete solution to create your company in most countries of the European Union, but also outside the EU through its agencies in Hong Kong, Dubaï, Indonesia, the USA, Canada & Morocco.

The group’s agencies coordinate different steps necessary for the effective conduct of your company incorporation : administrative procedures, business plans, bank account opening, tax management operations, accounting, audit, etc.

Why do you need to subcontract your company incorporation?

When a company wants to grow internationally, several solutions are possible: a mandate / tax agent or setting up a business in the country. In some cases, it’s not advantageous for a company to set up a physical office, it can then call on a tax representative or agent.

In other cases, a company may need to physically establish itself in another country because of its activity. The formalities are then complicated. Besides, if the company doesn’t have knowledge of local regulations, physical implementation becomes even more difficult, especially if the company lacks skills in the target country’s language.

Collaborating with an expert company is the most efficient solution to manage all the formalities that can be complicated depending on the country. Indeed, each country has its own legislation and its language is not necessarily spoken by the company. Finally, if the company does not fulfill all its obligations, sanctions may apply.

Choosing a partner with local experience is therefore a wise choice. In addition, thanks to its knowledge of tax and customs rules, a local partner can analyze and optimize international operations.

Points to remember



Choose between tax representative or tax agent


Get informed about local regulation


Collaborating with a partner having local fiscal & consulting customs experience is highly recommended

ASD Group's expertise in examples

In 2017, a company requested ASD Group services so it could develop its franchise concept in UAE.

After studying the project with the client, ASD Group’s Dubaï agency with its network of partners set up a complete business plan for its establishments in Dubaï : legal, tax, franchise agreements, negotiations, implementation of customers specifications, identification of needs, validation of factories plans, launch & control of prototypes…

With its tailor-made solutions, ASD Group helped to open the first stores at the end of 2017.

ASD Group has created a trading company for one of its clients, a resident in the UAE, in the Free Zone (Geographical zone which offers a cost effective solution for investors to start up new business in UAE). At the same time, ASD Group as a Tax representative obtained a VAT number for its client, which permitted him to start importing to Europe straight away, and to stock and sell his BtoB & BtoC goods through his website.

Today, the company, established in the free zone and having its VAT number, distributes its products in more than 15 countries in the EU and makes a progress of more than 40% per year.


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