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1993: the European Union opening its borders has created new rules, new formalities, new opportunities and new challenges for companies.

It is in this context that I have founded ASD Group, using my international experience for my clients’ benefit.

But that wasn’t enough anymore. As time went by, the rules became more complex, increasing the administrative work and the risks. This lead ASD Group to turn to new concepts.

To ease our clients’ administrative burden.

To help our clients understand and perform easily complicated and troublesome operations.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” Leonardo Da Vinci

Our clients seek international development. As we free them from administrative tasks, they focus their energy on aiming for success.

So choose our experience and competence, make use of our innovative treatment solutions, made possible by the creation of adapted and personalized tools.

Work in tandem with qualified collaborators who solely aim to simplify your work.

This is the spirit of ASD Group.
Didier Delangue, CEO Founder
Didier Delangue - ASD Group

Didier Delangue
Founder – CEO

Marie-Josée Delangue - ASD Group

Marie-Josée Delangue
Partner – Executive assistant

Nathalie Dubus - ASD Group

Nathalie Dubus
Partner – CDO

Magalie Jaecques - ASD Group

Magalie Jaecques
Partner – COO

Cédric Lodovicci - ASD Group
Cédric Lodovicci
Partner – General manager
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Present in 24 countries
in Europe and in the world
employees worldwide
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Our teams’ cross-cutting vision and multi-disciplinary expertise allow us to provide you with comprehensive expertise in a variety of areas: taxation, customs, social security, international vision, etc.

This is why we are able to offer you the best solutions, wherever you are in the world.

To fulfil these missions, we provide you with:



Assist companies expanding internationally with their formalities.

While corporate services are generally focused on the domestic obligations of the company’s country of residence, ASD Group’s services consist of taking care of other international obligations in the country of residence but also in other countries targeted by our clients.


To offer services that meet the needs of companies in terms of compliance, assistance, operations and optimisation.

Our customers have the right to expect a high quality of service. At ASD Group, customer satisfaction is at the heart of our requirements and we take this perception of the quality of our services to heart. This is why we put it into practice throughout the entire customer relationship. We offer our clients what we ourselves would like to be offered in terms of service quality.


Integrating ASD Group’s services into the development chain facilitates international expansion

Opening up to the international market makes it possible to extend the potential of clients, but it implies several developments. While the development of basic services such as sales, marketing and logistics may seem obvious, the development of compliance may not be so important. By involving ASD Group in the development process, you reduce the financial impact and provide risk capital.

our history

Horizontal Timeline | CodyHouse
  1. − 2000

    Opening up of the EU borders. All import/export operations between Member States became intra-community acquisitions and deliveries. In one night, all customs formalities changed, trade of goods declarations were created. From this opportunity is created ASD Group, developing a nationwide activity based in Lille. ASD Group assists French companies in submitting DEB (Trade of goods declarations) then follows up by offering the service of fiscal representation for foreign companies in France.

  2. − 2002

    As well as fiscal representation (for companies established outside of the UE), ASD Group sets up a new service for intra-community companies: Tax agent, who handles administrative formalities to ensure compliance with local regulations.

  3. − 2004

    ASD Group opens its first branch abroad, in Valencia, Spain. At the same time, the company becomes the owner of the offices in Sophia-Antipolis, and therefore settles permanently at 310 rue du Vallon in Sophia Antipolis.

  4. − 2005

    Constantly evolving, ASD Group decides to start operating in Eastern Europe to meet increasing demands. The first ASD Group branch of that part of the world opens in the Czech Republic.

  5. − 2006

    ASD Group exceeds a turnover of a million euros. The company continues to develop and strengthen its expertise.

  6. − 2007

    ASD Group extends its network of agencies in Europe and opens new branches in Poland (Warsaw and Katowice) and Belgium (Comines).

  7. − 2009

    Many Swiss companies would call upon ASD Group for fiscal representation in Europe. In 2009, the step is taken and the first non-community branch is created at Marin Epagnier in Switzerland. This development also allowed to offer a new service: Fiscal representation and VAT reimbursement in Switzerland.

  8. − 2010

    The European directive and VAT regulations go through a major change in 2010. The VAT package is established and terms of VAT refund evolve. 2010 remains an important year of reference in legislation.

  9. − 2011

    ASD Group continues to expand and opens to African and Asian markets, by creating agencies in Morocco (Casablanca) and China (Shanghai). These far-away markets are strategic countries for ASD Group. These agencies allow to build closer relations with current clients in these countries but also to offer new services to our european clients.

  10. − 2012

    To gain a better understanding of the Chinese market, and to assist its agency in Shanghai, ASD Group creates and opens a new branch in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the core platform for South East Asia.

  11. − 2013

    In order to continue assisting its clients development, ASD Group opens a new branch a new continent. The Montreal agency in Canada is created in 2013.

  12. − 2015

    An ever-increasing activity, new clients and a growing team. ASD Group decides to expand its headquarter at 310 rue du Vallon. 250 m2 of brand new office space are added to the existing 200m2.

  13. − 2016

    2016 is an important year for ASD Group. A new agency opens in Dubai, new collaborators join the team. The milestone of 100 collaborators and the 3 600m2 of cumulated office space is reached and exceeded.

  14. − 2017

    The goals for this coming year is, amongst others, reaching a turnover of 12M€ for the group.

  15. − 2018

    ASD Group continues reaching new markets: a new agency opens in the USA in California. As the team is constantly growing, space is added to the headquarter in Sophia-Antipolis.

  16. − 2020

    ASD Group celebrates its 20th anniversary modernises its performance thanks to a new identity, focussing on the digitalization of its services and the creation of new tools.

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