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ASD Group opens the doors to the world

This month, Select Antipolis magazine dedicated 8 pages to ASD Group. Didier Delangue shares the history of the development of ASD Group.

From the creation of ASD Group to its evolution, though new e-services (So Truck and So Posting)… We tell you everything.


ASD Group highlights

  • Cumulated earnings: circa 12 M€
  • 40 employees in Sophia Antipolis, close to 100 worldwide
  • 25 to 30 % CAGR: 60 M€ in intracommunity VAT managed in 2014, 100 M€ in 2015 and 600 M€ in 2016
  • 3500 clients
  • 70 % European clients
  • 30 agencies established in 24 countries worldwide
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