Working in Canada: the Provincial Programs


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Review of the various workers’ immigration programs of the different Canadian provinces.

There are currently ten provinces and three territories in Canada, each of them having their own immigration programs and policies. These provincial immigration channels are more commonly known as Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP).

Are you a good candidate?

With so many PNPs to choose from, it is difficult to figure out which programs you are eligible to and what the criteria are. However, the ideal candidate usually fit into one of these categories:

  • Has recently worked in Canada or currently works there with a valid working permit;
  • Is currently in the Express Entry group. Is fulfilling the criteria of eligibility for one of the programs listed on Express Entry;
  • Has a link with the province, through years as a student in the province, prior working experience or a formal job offer;
  • Has a family member living in the province in question, which can help for some of the PNPs.

Please do note that even if PNP you are interested in are listed on Express Entry, you first need to submit a letter of expression of interest in order to gain access to the Express Entry list.

You want to move to Canada as a skilled worker? Find out if you are eligible to apply under Express Entry.

How can ASD Group support you?

Experts in the posting of workers, ASD Group and its partners can assist in the set-up and the management of the various formalities bound to the immigration of talents in Canada. We offer a wide range of services, from the management of national and international administrative procedures to the coordination of your move and even more. Contact us, we will be happy to answer your questions and assist with your installation in Canada.

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