ASD Group is turning 20 in 2020 and still has many projects in the making

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2020 is going to be eventful for ASD Group! The tax firm celebrates its 20 years of activity this year and is determined to keep expanding by launching new projects, each one more ambitious than the last.

ASD Group: 20 years of achievement

After spending two decades “transforming the codes” and being a creative force for companies that look to develop new markets, the French company has succeeded in becoming an expert in three cross-cutting areas of expertise: international tax and VAT, customs obligations and the posting of workers. This complex and lengthy work has required a lot of dedication from the employees, always ready to try something new to meet their clients’ expectations.

ASD’s short chronology of 20 years’ worth of international development

  • 2000: building on its achievements, ASD Group relocates its headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, a world-class technopole where numerous companies gather.
  • 2002: along the tax representation pole, ASD Group sets up a tax agent service aiming at intra-community companies.
  • 2004: the company opens its first branch abroad, in Valencia (Spain).
  • 2005: ASD Group decides to establish itself in the Eastern European countries, a growing market, and opens a branch in Czech Republic.
  • 2007: the network of branches expands in Europe, in Poland (Warsaw and Katowice) and in Belgium (Comines) in particular.
  • 2009: the first extra-community branch is founded in Marin Epagnier in Switzerland. It will provide the services of tax representation and VAT Registration.
  • 2011: ASD Group penetrates the strategic markets of Africa and in Asia, (new offices in Morocco – Casablanca – and in China – Shanghai).
  • 2012: ASD Group opens a new branch in Hong Kong, major cornerstone in South-Eastern Asia.
  • 2013: a new office in the new world: in Canada, the Montreal office is opened!
  • 2016: creation of a new branch in Dubai (UAE). New collaborators come to back up our teams. ASD Group can now account for over 100 collaborators and 3,600m2 offices around the world.
  • 2018: ASD Group keeps expanding with the creation of a new branch in California, United States.
  • 2020: a new wind after 20 years of activity.

ASD Group: always looking towards the future

In order to meet its clients’ expectations and to adapt to the industry trends, the group has initiated a major transition towards a digitalisation of its services. Teamwork and a common goal: to make of ASD Group an internationally acknowledged reference brand! We have thought out our strategies all over again.

Through a brand new client approach (participation in client workshops and networking events), new employees (numbering 22 at the moment), the elaboration of innovative apps and a growing involvement on social media, ASD Group keeps expanding. And that’s without mentioning of the many projects and first ever introduced solutions you will discover throughout the coming year. Stay tuned!

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