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ASD GROUP > SERVICES >What are the rules about posting foreign workers in Europe?

What are the rules about
posting foreign workers in Europe?

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What asd group can do for you

ASD Group has developed a platform for the management of posting of workers: So Posting Worker for all industries.

This new website allows you to handle all your obligations concerning posting of workers, such as storage of mandatory documents, management of your posted employees, applications for SIPSI or Construction cards, etc.

To find out more, visit our dedicated website So Posting Worker.

  • RepresentativeASD Group represents you in France and Italy and handles all communications with the authorities
  • Management of your accountWe manage everything on your accounts. All inclusive.
  • Support in case of checkWe assist you in case of check by Police, Work Inspection or URSSAF

Posting of foreign employees in Europe

Secondment (or posting) of workers is a highly regulated practice. Any foreign employer wishing to provide services in another country must comply with the country social laws concerning their seconded employees, especially on matters related to remuneration and working conditions (work times, break times, etc.). In case of failing to comply with these obligations, you may incur sanctions.

Asd group has created a dedicated service:
So posting worker by ASD

The new e-shop is now live! Click here to make your posting of workers procedures easier.

Discover our new website dedicated to the posting of workers in France and Italy in all sectors of activities (Construction, Transport, Commerce / Industry, Events, Temporary Employment, Wine-growing)

Do you post employees in France or in Italy?

So Posting Worker by ASD is an online service that allows you to manage and secure the mandatory formalities for companies that post employees in Europe. This service was created by ASD Group, a specialist in developing companies at an international level for the last 20 years.

For more information, visit our website:  www.soposting-worker.com

What are the regulations concerning posting of workers?

Foreign employers who post workers, must comply with certain obligations, in particular:

  • In France, payment of French minimum salary (social contributions remain due in the country of origin)
  • Employees’ work time
  • Appointing a representative serving as a liaison between the authorities and the foreign company
  • Submitting a pre-secondment declaration, one declaration per posted worker (SIPSI declaration in France)
  • For the transport industry, obtain the anti-pollution stickers Crit’Air
  • For the construction industry in France, obtain a construction card for each posted worker. To find out more about the Construction card, consult our dedicated page: Construction Identification Card
  • In France, informing the employees on the worksites about their working conditions and rights via a mandatory poster and informative document, translated in the language of the employees

Posting of workers: key points

  • Financial sanctions incur in the event of non respecting the law
  • Obligations vary according to sectors and countries
  • Filling out a prior declaration of secondment
  • Obligation to appoint a Representative
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