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ASD Group shares its experience in a seminar devoted to the access to the European market

The ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Quebec is organising a seminar “The European market opens to you, be ready” It aims to offer a better understanding of the European market to the Canadian exporters through workshops about various important issues for their activities in Europe.

The seminar will propose three series of workshops led by different experts: Knowing the marketsPreparing the export and Commercialising your products. ASD Group will take an active part in the second part leading the workshop n°10.


Arnaud Philibert, a tax and European VAT expert and the manager of the ASD agency in Montreal, will lead the workshop devoted to the topic of a better preparation for exporting to Europe. He will help the Canadian exporters to understand the fiscal aspects of the VAT in Europe by explaining how it is possible to become the importer of your own products in Europe and how to manage the value-added tax (VAT) in a profitable way.


Indeed, after long discussions, the Comprehensive economic and trade agreement (CETA) between Canada and European Union will come into force the 21st September 2017. Although CETA will facilitate access for Canadian companies to the European Union, the European market still stays complex and can be difficult to access. It is therefore important to know how the European Union functions and what the administrative and fiscal formalities of each member state are.

There are many potential advantages, but so are the traps. Do not therefore hesitate to participate in this seminar and take part in the workshop “Understanding the fiscal aspects of the VAT in Europe” to hear ASD Group sharing its expertise. You can also contact our experts for all your questions.

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