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Fiscal representation in Canada

Do you want to target new markets in Canada? Tax representation may be the service you need. The world’s tenth largest economy, Canada enjoys a strategic position in North America, strengthened by free trade agreements with the United States and Mexico (US-Mexico-Canada Agreement) and the European Union (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement).

What are the benefits of tax representation?

Tax representation is an alternative to physical establishment in a third-party country that allows a company not to own premises and / or employees and to operate from the country where it is established. This solution is more cost-efficient but includes certain obligations to be respected, non-compliance meaning heavy penalties. You can become a non-resident importer in Canada and sell to your customers without starting a business locally, subject to specific requirements.

More specifically, the company appoints a tax representative to liaise with the Canadian tax authorities and to make the required declarations relating to commercial transactions. The tax representative guarantees the respect of all regulations and assists you in case of inspections. Tax representation allows you to remotely control your Canadian business while optimizing your costs and supply chain. 

Grow your business in Canada

A tax representative is an essential asset if you want to reach the Canadian market. The main sectors of the Canadian economy are services (transportation, education, retail, communications, banking, etc.), goods manufacturing (aerospace technology, automotive, equipment) and the natural resources sector (forests, agriculture, energy, minerals and metals, oil and gas). Canada offers many advantages to develop your business as the country has a qualified population offering skills in various fields, a low unemployment rate and an increasing growth rate. You can then develop your strategy in Canada to take advantage of free trade agreements. See our article on this topic.

The Canadian branch of ASD Group offers a tax representation service according to your company’s needs. Contact us for personalized advice on your development in North America.

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