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General Review of Low-yielding Taxes: 2019 Budget Bills

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In accordance with the “Public Action 2022” program, the government wants to reduce the number of qualified low-yielding and complexly applied taxes (yield of less than 150 million per year)

Indeed, Article 9 of the Draft Finance Law 2019 provides for the abolition of unusual taxes related in particular to the industrial, agricultural, artisanal, transport, tourism, telecommunications sectors.


This general review, adopted by the National Assembly on June 20, 2018, has as its main goal: a simplification of French micro taxes, the reduction of the tax rate, and savings on recovery.

This resolution deals in particular with these obsolete taxes due by the following companies:

  • Tax on the addition of sugar to the harvest (Article 422 of the CGI);
  • Tax on wood and vine plants levied for the benefit of the National Agricultural and Seafood Establishment (FranceAgriMer) (Article 1606 of the CGI);
  • Tax allocated to the National Establishment of Agricultural and Marine Products Owed by Grain Producers (Article 1619 of the CGI);
  • Tax on marine fishery products established for the benefit of the national establishment of agricultural and sea products (Article 75 of Law No. 2003-1312 of December 30, 2003 on Amended Finances for 2003);
  • Hydraulic tax assigned to the operator Waterways of France (Article L4316-3 of the Transport Code);
  • Tax related to common wheat flour, meal and groats delivered or used for human consumption (CGI Article 1618f).

This last small tax had a strong symbolic value, it existed since 1962. However, it was criticized on the one hand by the Court of Auditors because it mobilized without justification the customs services. On the other hand, this unusual tax was also criticized by the professionals of the milling business because it represented an obstacle for their activity.


It should be noted that some micro-taxes are also by amendment in the context of the first reading examination of the Budget bills 2019, including:

  • Special Tax on Fluid or Concrete Vegetable Oils (Amendment No. I-15455 and 2030);
  • Tax on the search for liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, initially introduced by the Finance Act for 2018 and provided for in article 1590 7 ° bis of the CGI (amendment no. I-2263,2290).

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