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Intrastat in Austria

What does an Intrastat declaration consist of?

Companies established or registered in a Member State of the European Union that carry out intra-community exchanges, either for arrivals or dispatches, are subjected to an Intrastat declaration provided that they have reached the current thresholds in that particular country. This refers to the number of purchases or sales of the transaction made within the EU’s domestic market.

Intrastat declarations are monitored by statistic authorities. Intrastat declarations must be submitted on a monthly basis and must be sent according to the calendar which has been defined by the Customs Department of each country.

Intrastat in Austria: specific information

A calendar which shows all the declaration deadlines is published every year by the “Bundesanstalt Statistik Osterreich”, the Austrian Statistics Office. Austrian Intrastat declarations must be submitted as soon as theintra-community transaction amount reaches the threshold set by the Intrastat customs code.

If, during the year, the thresholds for intra-community arrivals or dispatches are surpassed, an Intrastat declaration must be submitted during the month when the threshold was reached.

If you do not monitor developments concerning arrivals (Flow of goods from a Member State of the EU to Austria) or dispatches (Flow of goods from Austria to another Member State of the EU), then penalties and fines may be incurred.

Choosing ASD Group is choosing security and simplicity

In Austria, you are responsible for submitting your Intrastat declaration so without further delay, send all your bills and invoices to ASD Group either by post, by email or by uploading them to our secure servers and your Intrastat declaration will be taken care of.

ASD Group guarantees peace of mind

We take care of everything, whether that be safeguarding your data or even any contact with the Austrian customs administration.

By choosing ASD Group, you are choosing a company that is able to adapt to all your needs

Data transfer and level of involvement is all chosen by you depending on your ability to provide necessary data.

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