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New amazon requirements for intra-community VAT number

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The recent introduction of responsibility for e-commerce VAT platforms forces now Amazon to be more vigilant about the tax compliance of its sellers.

Thus, to be able to sell its products on the various Amazon platforms, companies must comply with the new requirements of the latter in terms of intra-community VAT number.


When the “Shipped by Amazon” service is not subscribed by the seller, Amazon currently requires a local VAT number only if the products are sold to individuals in the UK, Germany, and / or France. (ie in countries that have already introduced the responsibility for e-commerce platforms).

Thus, if a foreign company wishes to sell through Amazon, its products to individuals in the United Kingdom, Germany and / or France, it must compulsorily register for VAT in these countries.

The registration is compulsory only if the seller has exceeded the distance selling thresholds in the country of destination, Amazon requires a VAT number in those countries from the first sale, because it is impossible for Amazon to get the information about if the seller has not already exceeded the thresholds.


In order to be able to sell on Amazon using the “Shipped by Amazon” service, companies must provide to Amazon a verified VAT number on the VIES database in each of the Member States where the Amazon warehouses are located, namely: France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland and the Czech Republic.

This requirement is justified by the fact that with the “Shipped by Amazon” service, the goods are first distributed among the different warehouses and then shipped locally to the customers.

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