Reinforcement of obligations concerning posted workers

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Starting from 1st of July 2017, new rules will come into force regarding mandatory declarations and displaying information for the posted workers. Public and private project owners and principals will see their responsibilities increasing.


The decree n° 2017-825 of May 5, 2017, clarifies the terms and conditions of mandatory declarations for the project owners. Projetc owners will now be required to obtain a copy of a pre-secondment declaration from each foreign subcontractor or from the employer established outside France who is posting employees in France. It is worth to note, that in case of a workplace accident, another declaration must be sent containing contract information of the employer and the victim, and the details about the circumstances of the accident. Attention, this declaration must be sent within the deadline.


This decree provides additional information about the public notices on worksites which must be accessible on the construction or civil engineering sites with an aim to inform posted workers in France about their working rights and conditions (working hours, accommodation, etc.). Let us not forget that the notice must be translated in order to help the posted workers better understand the information.

The conditions may vary depending on the business sector. Do not hesitate to visit our online application SoPosting Worker which facilitates the management of administrative formalities concerning the posting of workers in the sector of construction and public works; if you operate in the transport industry, visit SoTruck, our online application dedicated to the transport sector. Or, you can always contact one of our experts who are ready to help you.

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