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ASD GROUP > SERVICES > Follow a training course on processing of DEB/DES/INTRASTAT

Follow a training course on processing of DEB/DES/INTRASTAT

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What ASD GROUP can do for you

At ASD Group, we are conscious that every client has specific needs and that each case is different: this is why we make it our business to respond to your needs and questions by offering customised training sessions, tailored to your environment and the needs of your employees.

  • Training by expertsTake advantage of our experts’ experience
  • Tailored topicsThe topics are chosen beforehand based on your needs

Receive training in how to process INTRASTAT

ASD Group has created and put at your disposal a service completely dedicated to the management of your trade of goods declarations (DEB) / Intrastat, and European services declaration (DES). It also organises regular personalised training sessions that cover handling of trade of goods declarations / Intrastat / European services declaration and are specifically created to train the employees of your company.

Trade of Goods Declaration (DEB) / INTRASTAT / European Services Declaration (DES): training modules

Since 1993, we have been analysing, processing and filing thousands of invoices. In addition, we have created and made available for your use a service entirely dedicated to the comprehensive management of your DEB/DES declarations.

Our declarations processing centre also offers regular training sessions on processing the DEB/DES tailored to your specific requirements, customised to train your employees.

Topics covered in our training sessions:

  • Key rules for understanding the DEB
  • Customs procedures
  • Customs classification codes
  • Using Pro.douane
  • Verification of tax documents
  • Regularisation of declaration


  • Training is accessible to all. No prerequisite is necessary.
  • Training days are conducted by field experts with many years of experience.
  • Training is customised to suit your needs and problems.
  • Every key element to understanding and processing the DEB and DES is tackled.
  • A final assessment at the end of the training will enable you to review what you have learned.
  • Our training sessions can be financed by your OPCA (professional training financing organisation). We can assist you in putting together your applications. ASD Group is an approved training organisation for the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Prefecture.

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