Strasbourg and its eurometropolis adopt the Crit’air Sticker from 1st of november 2017

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The affixing of the vignette Crit’Air on the windshield becomes more and more common in France. After Paris, Grenoble, Lyon and Lille, it is Strasbourg and its 33 surrounding municipalities which set up this system.


There are three issues to be distinguished :

  • Ecological: preserving our planet from pollution peaks is a major challenge against global warming.
  • Economic: according to the report of the Senate commission of inquiry on the economic and financial cost of air dating from July 2015, the state would pay 3 billion euros in health, between 68 and 97 billions of euros for socio-economic costs and at least 4.3 billion euros a year for hidden costs.
  • Public health: the air quality has an impact on all the citizens and especially the asthmatic people, the young children, the elderly …

For example, it is recommended that you do not practice intense physical and sports activities during pollution peaks.


The objective is to be able to classify the vehicles easily by average age and by motorization. The sticker goes from green for electric cars to dark gray for older diesel cars (more polluting).

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Since July 1, 2017, you are subject to a fine if you do not have a sticker, but also if it is illegible, fraudulent or if you do not meet the classification requirements. Trucks, coaches and buses are subject to a much higher fine than cars and two-wheelers.

The fine amounts to 68 euros for passenger cars and other vehicles (3rd class contravention) and 135 euros for trucks and coaches (4th class contravention).
This penalty will have to be paid within 45 days, otherwise it will be increased to 180 euros for the 3rd class and 375 euros for the 4th class.

Attention, according to the European directive EU 2011/82 of October 25, 2011, in case of non-payment of a fine of 70 euros or more, a procedure of execution in the country of origin enters into force and can lead up to a term of imprisonment.

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