The Internal Consumption Tax on Energy Products or TICPE


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The Internal Consumption Tax on Energy Products (formerly TIPP) is a tax levied on petroleum products as well as on energy products. Note that the TICPE also includes fuels and heating fuels.

What is the TICPE?

The TICPE is collected by the State and is calculated according to the volumes sold. To limit the economic impact of this tax on companies that use diesel in the course of their business, they may under certain conditions, receive a refund after the event. The amount of the refund is calculated according to the regional rate or the corresponding flat rate.

What are the TICPE refund claim requirements?

Several conditions must be met if you wish to claim a refund from the TICPE.
A company established in the European Union, which uses one or more transport vehicles of 7.5 tonnes and over in the freight transport sector, has the possibility to request a partial refund of the TICPE, on the basis of the consumption. The vehicle must be registered in a member country of the European Community and be the property of the company (or a lease of more than 2 years).

Are you a freight carrier established in the European Union?

You can pretend to apply for the TICPE refund! We carry out for you the requests for reimbursement of the Internal Consumption Tax on Energy Products.

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