The status of posted workers


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Posting of workers attracts a lots of companies, which results in a tightening of legislation. For example, France experienced a 46% of increase in the number of posting of workers in a single year.


Corporations wishing to post employees abroad, must follow some procedures :

  • Fulfill declaration – It should be given to the employee before he starts working in the posting country.
  • Designate a local representative – For posting workers in France or Italy, it’s mandatory to choose a representative in the destination country. He is assisting you in your procedures, he can also be present during controls by providing all necessary documents to the labour authorities.


When you want to post workers in an other European country, it’s mandatory to respect the current regulation in that country, in terms of : work time, wage, security conditions, accommodation, etc…

Today, many companies choose secondment of workers for different reasons as to develop their business, lead intra-goup initiatives, etc… As a result, there are more and more employees posted in the countries, which causes a law consolidation. 

The « avenir » law, entered into force in September 2018, for the tightening legislations regarding sanctions prove more this consolidation. Currently, company that doesn’t respect obligations may incur a fine between 4 000 € and 8 000 €. A « Blacklist » has even been established to identify business convicted of illegal work.


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