Duty: clearance certificate for subcontractors


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When a company posts an employee to France, it has administrative duties to perform. Among its duties, is the duty of getting the clearance certificate if it has subcontractors.


For any contract for a total amount of at least € 5,000 excluding taxes, the subcontractor must check, at the conclusion of the contract, and every 6 months until the end of its execution, that its subcontractor fulfills its duties of declaration and payment of contributions to the Urssaf.

For this, the contractor needs to present to the company posting employees a clearance certificate issued by the Urssaf (organizations for the collection of social security and family benefit contributions), during the conclusion of the contract, then every 6 months until the end of their contract.

The contracts concerned are those relating to the performance of a work, the provision of a service or the performance of an act of trade.

This document should mention:

  • The corporate name and address of the registered office and the list of institutions concerned with their SIRET number,
  • Proof that the employer is up to date with his social duties over the last 6 months.
  • If the subcontractor has employees, the certificate must indicate:
  • The number of employees,
  • The total amount of wages declared on the last summary slip of the Urssaf contributions.
  • The clearance certificate is only issued on the internet.


To fulfill the clearance duty, the company that subcontracts must have:

  • The clearance certificate and an excerpt Kbis which should be valid for 6 months,
  • A contract with the subcontractor or an equivalent (purchase order, quote, voucher for agreement, etc).


The clearance certificate contains a security number that can be verified by the company on the Urssaf website.

If the company posting employees uses a subcontractor, it must comply with its duties, subject to penalties.

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