E-commerce & VAT : It is never too late to regularize your situation !

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Thanks to the emergence and multiplication of MarketPlaces, it has become increasingly easy to sell via internet.

However, the VAT regulations remain very complex: whether or not the distance selling scheme is applicable, how thresholds are assessed, billing methods, intrastat obligations, etc.

A lot of companies discover – in good faith and sometimes several years after the beginning of their activity – that they are not in compliance with the law, thus being exposed to a risk of VAT recovery.

E-Commerce and risk of additional VAT assessment

Due to the systematic communication between the tax administrations of the Member States and the sales information of E-commerce companies are public, this risk of additional VAT assessment is very real, and its scale should not be underestimated.

In addition to the amount of the additional VAT, there are various surcharges, penalties and late payments interests, which can easily jeopardize the survival of the company. However, it is often possible to avoid it, if the company regularizes its situation spontaneously.

In order to eliminate the risk of additional VAT assessment at a lower cost, ASD GROUP offers a complete VAT adjustment service dedicated to E-Commerce companies.

The one-stop E-commerce VAT regularization service offered by ASD GROUP

With its expertise and experience in E-Commerce, ASD GROUP accompanies you at all stages of the regularization process:

Review of your VAT and intrastat obligations;

  • Risk evaluation ;
  • VAT registrations;
  • Filing of VAT and intrastat returns;
  • Communications with local tax authorities;
  • Refund of the VAT unduly paid;
  • Etc …

Thanks to its presence in all the European Union Member States, ASD GROUP allows you to completely regularize your situation, whatever the country where you will need it. ASD GROUP is your single point of contact and a privileged intermediary with foreign tax administrations.

You can contact our experts for more information.

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