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Identify your company for tax purposes in a non-EU country

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How ASD Group can help you

ASD Group with its 25 branches around the world, offers a complete service to identify you fiscally in non-EU and EU countries where it is present.

  • Obtaining a number for foreign taxesTo guarantee you a tax compliance in the country where you carry out your taxable transactions
  • Analysis & controleMonthly analysis and control of all purchases and sales invoices
  • Filing your tax returnsPreparation and filing of tax returns at the declarative rate of the country
  • AssistanceDuring a tax or customs inspection
  • Multilingual supportA single interlocutor speaking your language follows your file from the beginning until the end

How to fiscally identify your company in a non-EU country?

A company that makes taxable transactions in any country needs to have a permanent establishment there or to register in the local tax in order to justify its tax activities, also to remit taxes to the authorities of the country.

Our foreign taxes registration service

If you are a foreign company and you want to carry out taxable transactions in Morocco, Canada, United States, Hong Kong, UAE, Indonesia and Australia, you have the possibility under certain conditions to appoint a tax representative in these countries so that you can be in a good standing with the tax obligations.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we will give you the best solution for the development of your activities in these countries.

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