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ASD GROUP > SERVICES > How to get an intra-community VAT number?

How to get an intra-community VAT number?

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How ASD Group can help you?

As your representative or tax agent in all EU Member States, ASD Group is in charge of:

  • Obtaining a VAT numberFile a registration to obtain a VAT number
  • Analysis and controlCheck and process your tax documents (invoices, customs and transport documents, etc.)
  • VAT declarations filingFile VAT returns and pay VAT in your place
  • VAT refundDeposit and manage your VAT refund requests
  • AssistanceWe Assist you in case of tax audit
  • Regulatory NewsWe inform you of new developments in European and local tax regulations

What is an intra-community VAT number?

The intra-community VAT number is an individual number allowing companies from a Member State of the European Union or outside the EU to be identified as an operator. The identification of companies by an intra-community VAT number is important for a good functioning of the VAT and foreign trade statistics system imposed by the EU, since it allows companies to file Intrastat / DEB declarations and to declare and / or pay VAT to the Member States.

How to get an intra-community VAT number?

If you are a company established in the European Union or non established in the EU and you want to carry out taxable transactions in an EU Member State without having a permanent establishment there, you will need to obtain an intra-community VAT number in that Member State. Without this number, you will not be able to exercise your activity.

Obtaining an intra-community VAT number requires filing a complete file with the foreign tax authorities. The procedure, which is conducted in the language of the country, can take time and is complicated.

In order to simplify and speed up the registration process, companies established in the EU have the possibility to appoint ASD Group as a tax agent. Companies established outside the EU are legally obliged to appoint a tax representative such as ASD Group to carry out the registration process on their behalf.

A one stop shop for all your intra-community VAT numbers

Thanks to its presence in all EU Member States, ASD Group allows you to obtain an intra-community VAT number whatever the country in which you need it.

ASD Group acts as a single point of contact for the management of all your foreign VAT and a privileged intermediary with the local tax authorities.

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