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Why do you need to have a VAT number in the country where you post workers ?

As a reminder, an employer performing a secondment of its employees must declare it to the labor administration of the place where the service begins.


A decree has reinforced articles 105 and 112 of the law n ° 2016-1088 of August 8th, 2016 in terms of obligations of the building owners and the customers when they resort to an international services provision.

This decree n ° 2017-825 of May 5, 2017 determines the responsibilities and declarative obligations between the different business operators related to the posting of workers.

This text entered into force on 1 July 2017 and on 1 January 2018 concerning the dematerialization of the secondment of workers declaration by the contracting authority or the client.


The secondment declaration must be dematerialized, including information on the employer, employees and secondment in France. Moreover, in terms of the declarative obligations, it is now necessary to take into account issues related to VAT.

At the time of the declaration, it is necessary to mention the tax identification number by the employer of the posted employees.

For the client for whom the provision of services is provided, the reference to the tax identification number must be notified if the originator is established outside of France. He may also give the references of the registration to a professional register or any other equivalent references.

Thus, it is necessary during the secondment declaration to take into consideration the need to indicate the VAT identification number.

For this, ASD Group offers a tax representation service that allows you to obtain a VAT number.

With its two services ; posting of workers and tax representation, ASD Group manages your administrative formalities to enable you being in a good standing with the administrations linked to the posting of workers.

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