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ASD GROUP > SERVICES > Why conduct a VAT audit of your company?

Why conduct a VAT audit of your company?

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What ASD GROUP can do for you

We handle Intracommunity VAT for thousands of companies in all types of fields of activity. Our VAT experts analyse goods flows and invoices of hundreds of companies each year. We like to think of ourselves as VAT practitioners.

  • Preparation, verificationPreparation, verification and transmission of Intrastat returns
  • Analysis and controlDetailed monthly analysis and control of all your invoicing flows
  • Input and verificationInput and verification of the conformity of the invoices and Customs nomenclatures
  • Customs nomenclaturesResearch and audit of Customs nomenclatures
  • AssistanceAssistance in case of administrative or Customs check
  • TrainingSpecific training sessions, dedicated to Intrastat management, ideal for your collaborators

Definition of vat audit

VAT audits allow companies to ensure their VAT compliance and protect themselves in case of an audit. A detailed analysis conducted by VAT experts will highlight key danger points. A complete file is delivered at the end of the study which includes our recommandations.

VAT audit to prevent fiscal control

Intracommunity VAT regulations are far more complicated than they may seem. The application of the rules, or the difficulty in interpreting the official texts make Intracommunity VAT one of the main issues for companies working internationally, as well as a real fiscal risk.

A VAT audit prevents any risk linked to a tax audit. VAT represents a major financial risk important if it is not submitted correctly or if the fiscal documents don’t comply with current regulations in force. A VAT diagnosis or VAT audit exists to review the goods and invoice flows to ensure their compliance.

The audit can also consist of a comprehensive examination of the company accounts, in order to identify the purchases and sales flows, and check their compatibility.

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  • Comprehensive review of all fiscal support documents (purchase and sales invoices, import and export documents…)
  • Verification of VAT declarations as well as conformity of the sums
  • Delivery of your case study including our risk assessment and our recommandations.
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