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Outsourcing Payroll and Local Employment Contract in Canada and the US (Canadian and U.S. Payroll Service)

The payroll service allows you to send your seconded / expatriate employee or hire a local employee without worrying about payroll formalities.

This service allows you to develop your business abroad without administrative or legal constraints that may be specific to each state or province. ASD Group takes care to carry out the acts necessary for the export of your company internationally.

ASD Group offers 2 options:

• Establishment of a permanent establishment in the US state or Canadian province concerned;
• Registration of the employer as a non-resident.

For these two options, ASD Group is responsible for:

• Mandatory registration with the authorities to obtain the employer identification number;
• Opening a bank account;
• Drafting a contract of employment in partnership with a local lawyer;
• The establishment and management of the Payroll;
• Mandatory posting of labor legislation;
• Translation & sworn translation;
• Study and project implementation;
• Assistance during checks by a dedicated expert.

Our agencies are directly located in the country where the formalities are carried out and ensure you a direct connection with your business abroad as well as a formalities respecting national and international legislation.

For more information on our payroll and local employment service in the United States and Canada, contact us. Our experts are available to answer your questions.

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