Posting of workers in the event sectors


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An employer may send one or more employees to another Member State of the European Union for a limited period. Find out what are the obligations if you work in the event sector.

International fairs

The event industry is often concerned by posting of workers if the company takes part in international fairs in countries others than the one in which it is established. Even if the event lasts only one day, a posting of worker must be carried out, according to the country.
The rules are sometimes the same as in other sectors but vary depending on the country of posting. All your employees present at the event are subjected to the regulations.

Taking part in an international event

To post an employee to a fair or a trade show in Italy for example, the declaration “Distacco Transnazionale UE” will have to be completed online before the posting occurs and a local representative will also have to be appointed. It is mandatory to translate all documents to Italian. These obligations are similar to other sectors of activity.
For Germany, all workers posted to a fair must also be declared.
The current trend is to simplify the formalities related to posting of workers in the event sector.

New regulations in France

The obligations relating to the posting of workers in France that apply in other sectors have recently been amended by the Law No. 2018-771 of 5 September 2018 (Article 91). Exhibitors, visitors and foreign delegates from certain fields of activity could see a reduction of their administrative duties. Service providers in events sector not established in France will also be exempted from some formalities. This new regulation strengthens France’s attractiveness in the event industry.

To find out what are the mandatory steps for posting of workers in the event sector, contact ASD Group experts.

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