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General Tax on the Polluting Activities (TGAP)

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What ASD GROUP can do for you

ASD Group works with companies subject to TGAP and assists them in filing the declaration and its payment. It examines liability and analyses supporting documents, prepares the case file, files the declaration and pays the instalments. It is a complete service that ensures that our clients are compliant with tax and customs requirements.

  • Analysis of tax liabilityAnalysis of our activity and your products in terms of their nomenclature
  • Preparation of the case fileHandling of the full case file to prepare the TGAP declaration
  • Filing of the tgap declarationFiling of the TGAP declaration with the Customs Department
  • Compliance with instalment deadlinesReminders for payment of TGAP instalments
  • AssistanceAssistance in the event of customs department checks and monitoring of declarations
  • Representation of foreign companiesRepresentation of companies not established in France

Definition of the general tax on polluting activities (tgap)

The general tax on polluting activities (TGAP) allows taxes to be levied on companies with a polluting activity or selling polluting products: waste, harmful emissions, oils and fossil fuels, detergents, extracted resources, etc.

Who is affected by tgap ?

The general tax on polluting activities affects everyone, taxable or not taxable, working in an activity regarded as polluting:

  • Storage, heat treatment (incineration) or transfer of non-toxic waste
  • Storage, heat treatment, transfer or other treatment of toxic waste when the plant is not used exclusively for the waste produced by the company
  • Emission into the atmosphere of pollutants, delivery or use for the first time of lubricants likely to produce waste oils
  • Use of oils and lubricating preparations producing waste oils whose discharge into the natural environment is prohibited
  • Use of oils and lubricating preparations consumed during use (two-stroke engine oils, grease used in open systems, etc.)
  • Delivery or use for the first time of certain preparations for detergents (including auxiliary washing preparations) or fabric softeners

Who is liable for TGAP ?

Any business manufacturing, importing or introducing polluting products is liable to pay the TGAP in France. The TGAP tax is levied by the Nice Customs Department. It is payable for pollutants when they are first made available for consumption in France either by the manufacturer or by the importer or by the natural or legal entity making intra-community purchases.

The tax is calculated on the basis of the rate laid down for each element of TGAP. This rate changes every year. The tax base is calculated on waste tonnage.

Important note: foreign companies liable to pay TGAP for lubricants, detergents and mining waste must appoint a representative established in France, tasked with handling the declaration formalities and payment of the tax.


  • Companies affected by TGAP must maintain a register showing notably the tonnage and the nature of the waste, how it has been processed, etc.
  • If the amount of the declaration is less than 450 €, no tax is payable.
  • Severe penalties are stipulated in terms of article L541-10 of the Environment Code in the event of failure to file the TGAP declaration.

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