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ASD GROUP > SERVICES > Reimbursement of TICPE tax (formerly called TIPP)

Reimbursement of TICPE tax (formerly called TIPP)

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What ASD GROUP can do for you

ASD Group proceeds with refund requests for fuel purchased in France by numerous French and foreign transport companies and takes charge of the request from A to Z, assisting you until your tax refund is obtained.

  • Compliance with proceduresCompliance is required with respect to forms and procedures specific to the TICPE
  • Verification of documentsOur teams analyse and check all your invoices to ensure their compliance
  • Assistance from a to zWe handle every stage of the application

Domestic consumption tax on energy products (ticpe- ex-tipp)

Every company established in the European Union which uses transport vehicles of 7.5 tons and over in the goods carriage sector can request a partial refund of the domestic consumption tax on petroleum products (TICPE, formerly TIPP), on the basis of their consumption.

Knowing the ticpe and getting a refund

The domestic consumption tax on petroleum products (TIPP) is a tax on petroleum products and energy products provided in Community law by Directive 2003/96/EC and in French law by Article 265 of the Customs Code.

This duty levied by the State is calculated on the basis of volumes sold (and not on the selling price). The amount of duty is determined by unit produced and is fixed each year by the Finance Bill, varying from year to year.

Articles 265(f) and 265(g)< of the Customs Code enable eligible companies – mainly those which use road vehicles for goods transport – to benefit under certain conditions from a partial refund of this tax.

Do you have road vehicles of at least 7.5 tonnes intended for the transport of goods? ASD Group can help you obtain a partial refund of this tax on the consumption of fuel purchased in France.

The conditions of eligibility are:

Steps for filing a request for refund of the TIPP

The companies may send their request

  • The company must be a private or public company subject to commercial law
  • The company must be established in European Union territory
  • The vehicle must be used exclusively for the road transport of goods
  • The company must own or lease the vehicle with a leasing or rental contract of over 2 years

Vehicles concerned

  • Vehicles of at least 7.5 tonnes with a maximum authorized payload (PTAC) or gross vehicle weight (PTRA) on the registration document
  • Vehicle registered in a country that is a member of the European community
  • Vehicle authorized to travel on the road
  • Vehicle intended to transport goods and thus equipped with equipment such as dumpster, trailer, loading platform, tank or container attachment.

The fuel with right to refund

  • was purchased and invoiced in France
  • and consumed within the half-year period for which the request is filed
  • For all travel within the EU as well as in third countries


  • Tax on pollutant products.
  • The TICPE replaced the TIPP since 2011.
  • The tax is calculated on volume and not on price.
  • The refund is calculated based on regional or flat rates.

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