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ASD GROUP > SERVICES > Why should you appoint a tax agent specialised in VAT?

Why should you appoint a tax agent specialised in VAT?

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How ASD Group can help you

As a tax agent, ASD Group experts analyse your flows of goods and invoicing, register your company for VAT, submit your foreign VAT declarations and are responsible for your trade of goods declarations if the thresholds are exceeded.

  • Preparation, verificationPreparation, verification and submission Intrastat and VAT invoices
  • Analysis and controlDetailed monthly analysis and monitoring of all your transaction flows
  • Input and verificationInput and verification of the conformity of the invoices and customs nomenclature
  • Customs nomenclatureResearch and verification of the customs nomenclature
  • AssistanceAssistance during an administrative or customs inspection
  • TrainingOrganisation of specific training dedicated to the intra-community VAT

Definition of tax agent

The tax agent is a natural or legal person, professional in the VAT management, that replaces permanent establishments. Today, you only need to register your company in any country other that the country of your residence, and choose a tax agent to comply with the tax and customs laws in force.

Choosing a tax agent to facilitate your taxable operations

To fulfill the declarative requirements of the country where the company is subject to VAT, it must be identified for VAT in that country. There are two options:

  • Create a local company
  • Use the services of a tax agent

Forming a company considerably increases your obligations and your operating costs (creation of articles of association, keeping accounts, payment of taxes on companies in the country, etc.).

The tax mandate is a much simpler administrative solution and allows avoiding forming a company. Indeed, a tax agent registers you for VAT in the country, which enables you to operate like a standard local company.

Certain taxable operations require VAT registration in another country of the European community. The following are a few examples of such operations:

  • intra-community deliveries and acquisitions
  • stockpiling or holding stocks on consignment in another member country
  • exceeding the threshold in distance selling
  • certain purchase or resale operations in another member country
  • certain service provisions (for example, construction)

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  • Certain intra-community operations render you liable for VAT in the country of operation.
  • The tax agent can register you for VAT in another EU member country without creating a permanent establishment there.
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