Social representation and local payroll solutions in the USA and Canada

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Social representation allows a company to outsource the human resource management of an employee residing in the United States or Canada. If your company sends an employee to the United States or Canada for a work assignment of more than 90 days, this service is strongly recommended.

Posting of worker or expatriation?

Posting of workers applies in case of a short mission (less than 24 months). The posted worker depends on the social protection system of the country where his employer is established.

Expatriation, on the other hand, applies for long-term assignments. The employee benefits from a local employment contract and the social protection system of the host country. ASD Group helps for longer-term missions via a local payroll solution.

Employer Identification Number

A company needs to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) if it employs workers in the United States or if it practices the withholding of tax on the income of its non-resident employees. Only one EIN is allocated per company. The EIN should be mentioned on all forms and communications sent to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the US tax authorities, and the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Advantages of local payroll solutions

A payroll solution makes it easy for your company to send an employee on a work mission abroad. ASD Group agencies in the United States and Canada manage local formalities (social security coverage and local American and Canadian payrolls) and offer peace of mind to your company and your posted workers.

For more information on our payroll and social representation service in the United States and Canada, contact us. Our experts are available to answer your questions.

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