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Japan-England (European Union) Economic Partnership Agreement

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Having been published in the OJ L330 on 27/12/2018 (Official Journal of the European Union) and coming into effect on 01/02/2019, the economic partnership agreement signed between Japan and England (link in French) will be beneficial to the Japanese importers as English importers with reduced customs duty can go from 15 to 0%.

Take advantage of a reduced or zero customs duty rates thanks to agreement being signed between Japan and England

Certain customs norms are mutually standardised between the two parties through this agreement and will eventually eliminate 97% of customs duties on exportation to Japan.

  • 90% of products already have reduced or zero rates;
  • 7% of products will see their customs duty rates progressively reduced over 7 years;
  • 3% of products fall outside of the agreement.

Advantages are not systematic

In order to benefit from these reduced or zero duty advantages, you will need a briefing book to:

  • Manage the importers’ and exporters’ status;
  • Ascertain a classification for relationship products between England and Japan;
  • Identify a preferential country of origin for the merchandise;
  • Assess the rights to the benefits.

Choosing ASD Group is choosing security

These customs agreements are complicated and the stakes are high.

Receiving benefits from these advantages when it comes to lowering customs duties, you also benefit from the competitiveness, market share gains as well as new opportunities with businesses within the Japanese market and England.

ASD are specialised in customs regulations and will guide you through these proceedings.

Make ASD Group your customs assistant

Do you know all about the fundamental principles of customs regulations?

For 20 years, we have put together and shared all our knowledge concerning services, analysis, handlings and operations of companies. ASD Group is at your disposal to help and support you.

Specific information

When dealing with international business, the economic agreements are bilateral which means that the agreement between Canada and the EU does not follow the same rules nor the same obligations as the agreement between Japan and the EU.

In each case, a careful analysis must be carried out at the risk of unpleasant financial and economic impacts, specifically in new economic agreements.

It is always important to bear in mind that the customs requirement is not completed on the day that customs clearance is given, but 3 years after that particular year.

Advantages in using ASD Group

  • Your file is both studied and set-up,
  • A tailor-made service according to your needs,
  • Providing services as a customs agent,
  • Help, support, follow-up and compliance with rules and regulations,
  • Help, support, and follow-up with procedures (audits),
  • Ongoing regulatory monitoring,
  • Experts in customs regulations are at your service.
ASD Group, your preferred expert contact in international development, VAT and international taxes, customs operations, social regulations and business strategy.

ASD Group works for you using the latest software technologies available and the advanced skills of our teams. Contact us for more information!

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