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ASD GROUP > SERVICES > Professional employment services: hire and manage your employees abroad

Professional employment services: hire and manage your employees abroad

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What ASD Group can do for you

ASD has been working for a number of years as the social representative for many businesses recruiting employees abroad. Our international presence allows us to offer this service in every country where we have a presence. Experts in social legislation, speaking your language, provide support for you in your development and recruitment plan in Europe.

  • Employment contract and salary slipPreparation of the employment contract and the employee salary slip
  • Registration in compulsory fundsRegistration of the employer and the employee in the various national funds
  • SupportInputting and verification of the compliance of invoices and customs nomenclature

Definition of social representation

In order to develop a new market, more and more companies are using social representation to recruit an employee in a country other than the country of origin of the company. This practice helps to test the market in a new country without creating any risk to company finances.

Social representation: recruit and manage your staff abroad

Social representation is the most appropriate solution for the companies that want to grow internationally, for example, by recruiting a local sales representative who would develop a new market, or by using an administrative assistant to handle relations with customers or suppliers.

Social representation is very simple to set up and is the most cost-effective solution for recruiting staff abroad. The representative established in the country of recruitment acts as the liaison between the local authorities and the company. All administrative formalities related to recruitment are handled by the representative:

  • drafting of a recruitment offer and a contract of employment
  • registration in the various national social funds (social security, unemployment benefit, pension, etc.)
  • preparation of payslips
  • management of contribution payments to social security
  • reporting requirements to the labour inspectorate

The employee is fully employed by the company and not by the representative.

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