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Intrastat and DEB thresholds in the European Union in 2019

You run a VAT-registered business and carry out exchanges of goods within the European Union?

You are then concerned by Intrastat/DEB declarations. Commercial trade within the EU constitute thresholds and VAT-related reporting declaration (DEB (Trade of Goods Declaration) in France, Intrastat in Europe).

Please find below the Intrastat 2019 thresholds for all European Union countries.

Member stateArrivalsDispatchesCurrencyDeadline
Austria750 000750 000EUR10 m+1 (business day)
Belgium1 500 0001 000 000EUR20 m+1 (business day)
Bulgaria460 000280 000BGN14 m+1 (day of the month)
Croatia2 200 0001 200 000HRK20 m+1 (day of the month)
Cyprus160 00055 000EUR10 m+1 (day of the month)
Czech Republic12 000 00012 000 000CZK10 m+1 - Paper (business day)
12 m+1 - Digital (business day)
Denmark6 700 0005 000 000DKK10 m+1 (business day)
Estonia230 000130 000EUR10 m+1 (day of the month)
Finland550 000500 000EUR10 m+1 (day of the month)
France460 0001EUR10 m+1 (business day)
Germany800 000500 000EUR10 m+1 (day of the month)
Greece150 00090 000EUR10 m+1 (business day)
Hungary170 000 000100 000 000HUF15 m+1 (day of the month)
Ireland500 000635 000EUR23 m+1 (day of the month)
Italy200 0000EUR25 m+1 (day of the month)
Latvia200 000100 000EUR10 m+1 (day of the month)
Lithuania250 000150 000EUR10 m+1 (business day)
Luxemburg200 000150 000EUR16 m+1 (business day)
Malta700700EUR10 m+1 (business day)
Netherlands800 0001 000 000EUR10 m+1 (business day)
Poland4 000 0002 000 000PLN10 m+1 (day of the month)
Portugal350 000250 000EUR15 m+1 (day of the month)
Romania900 000900 000RON15 m+1 (day of the month)
Slovakia200 000400 000EUR15 m+1 (day of the month)
Slovenia140 000220 000EUR15 m+1 (day of the month)
Spain400 000400 000EUR12 m+1 (day of the month)
Sweden9 000 0004 500 000SEK10 m+1 (business day)
United Kingdom1 500 000250 000GBP21 m+1 (day of the month)

Warning: data included in this table is subject to change every year and is provided as a guide only.

Applicable Intrastat and DEB thresholds as of January 1st 2019

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